Lerine Lulla doll



“6 months old and still cuddles with her doll. The best investment ever. We all get a good night’s sleep because she only sleeps in her cot with her lulla doll. 🥰”

Natasja Lulla doll



“Lulla doll helps my 3 Month old baby girl sleep straight through the night. We as parents love that we can get a full nights rest. Money well spend!!!!”

Pertunia Lulla doll



“And it's lights out! 😁 I no longer have to spend so much time putting Bokamoso to sleep.. Lulla doll does the job... And he sleeps for longer💃🏾.”

Jade Lulla doll



"Our little man, 16 months, still loves his Lulla Doll! 😍 He sometimes uses Lulla as a pillow when he is going to sleep ♥️”

Aneen Lulla doll

Anneen Q


“Spooning with Lulla 😊 Lulla helps so much when she is at the office with me, keeps her calm and sleepy while I work”

Olerato Lulla doll

Olerato, Midrand


"One of the things that always present some sort of challenge when it comes to having a newborn or small baby is SLEEP😴. Naptimes are sometimes only 10min long and nighttime is for playing 🙄... (Who can relate?)... Peanut did that as well and let me tell you it was NOT fun!😢 We have since introduced this wonderful @lulladoll_sa doll to him & his sleep routines and my life has NEVER been the same since. Naptimes are much longer and he knocks out at 7h30pm till 6am without a fuss 💕. The doll has got soothing breathing and heartbeat sounds that are so comforting to baby that even when he wakes up, he's able to fall right back asleep peacefully

Charne Lulla doll

Charne, Witbank


“I was very skeptical at first, but a friend recommended Lulla so we decided to give it a try. I am soooo glad we did!! We have a 3 month old baby girl, and now a full 7/8 hours of sleep at night👌🏼”

Lisa Lulla doll



"My 3 year old Autistic Son hasn't slept in his own room for over 8 months. Sharing our bed with him has taken its toll but tonight for the first time in what feels like forever he has fallen asleep in his own bed cuddled up with his new Lulla Doll."

Yolandie Lulla doll

 Yolandie, Mpumalanga


"Good evening. I would like to give you some feedback on how it is going with our Lula. Now, I will be honest with you. I was very sceptical but also very desperate when I enquired about Lula from you 2weeks ago. I really didnt think it will work because my son woke up every 2hours, but he nursed everytime he woke so why would the doll help with that? I was hesitant to buy Lula as it is also not just R100. But I must say that it was worth every penny so far. Since we received Lula a week ago my son has been sleeping for longer periods at a time. Instead of waking every 2 hours he now goes 4-6 hours before waking for a feed, and I must add he is a bit fluish with that, usually when he is sick there is no sleep. He even slept 8 hours straight on Saturday night. Something that has not happened before in this last 12 months. So I must give credit where credit is due. It really seems like Lula is working for us and I am truly greatful for it."

Melissa Lulla doll

Melissa, Witbank


"This is an amazing product!! I wasn't sure at first but decided i had nothing to loose. So i ordered my Lulla Doll and received it the very next day. I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about. My daughter is 17months and had never slept longer than 3hour blocks. I have been co-sleeping and am still breastfeeding. Some nights i would be up 2-3 hours trying to get my daughter settled and asleep. I can now settle her sooooo much quicker and put her in her own cot for some personal space. Before lulla, everytime i put her down she would wake up and the process would have to start all over again. I was desperate for even 1hour uninterrupted sleep. Thanx to Lulla that is possible,not only do i have 1hour uninterrupted

sleep but several. My daughter took to Lulla almost instantly. The first 2nights she slept 5hours straight with the sound off. Since putting the sound on she only wakes up once for a drink and then back to her own cot. I am amazed as to how this amazing doll has helped not only my daughter but me aswell. Any mommy looking for some proper rest, give Lulla Doll a try. It has changed our lives thus far!! Thank you once again #Lulla Doll South Africa!! Amazing service and an amazing product!! Xx"

Sulette Lulla doll

Sulette, Pretoria


This has been the most incredable journey, my son is 6 years old and I wasn't sure how he would take to the Lulla doll being a boy and not being a baby anymore. But since Lulla has arrived his been smitten and even named him Little Blue. We have been struggeling to get him to sleep on hisown and then also to sleep through the night, but I have to say with greatest pleasure and excitement that his been sleeping in his own room all by himself and all through the night since the first night he had the lulla dol. Ontop of that he is very proud of his "little blue" and tells everybody about his sleeping budy which I feel is great that he doesn't feel shy about having a "doll". I want to give you guys at Dudubaba a great thank you for this increadable invencion without it I dont know how long we would have struggled.

Ellene Lulla doll

Ellené, Johannesburg


"My son Liam is 18 months old and has always been a good night sleeper and slept in his own crib since birth but that all changed when we had his tonsils removed 4 weeks ago. After the op he had extreme separation anxiety especially at night and it was a battle to get him to fall asleep and he would end up sleeping between my husband and I just so that we can get some sleep.

We receive our Lulla yesterday and

No fight to sleep last night! He went to bed with his Lulla at 19:30 and I had to wake him this morning at 07:00 for school. He woke so calmly and happy! We cannot thank you enough!

One very happy mommy and toddler!"

Gwendoline Lulla doll

Gwendoline, Ermelo


"My little-one has been sleeping through for the last two days"

Jess Lulla doll



"I can not believe this product!! It's a miracle. My daughter is 12 months old and since day one her sleeping has been hell!!!! I had a sleep consultant at 8 months, who helped a lot. Instead of hourly wake ups we would get maybe 1. Some nights she would sleep through. It seems lately it's all gone down hill! She wakes 2 or 3 times a night. As for getting her to sleep it's always taken over an hour of rocking and a lot of screaming and tears from her. This is our second night with Lulla. Night 1 she slept from 7pm-5am straight but it still took 1 hour to get her to sleep and her in hysterics. Her naps today were good, she fell asleep within 10 min with no tears. Tonight though, I've put her in the cot with Lulla. Not a single tear and she's asleep within 5 minutes. Just laid down, hugged Lulla and she's out!!! I'm absolutely blown away. I'll need to buy and store plenty of these dolls just in case she ever dies or goes missing!!!"

Jody Lulla doll



"My sweet little boy (14 months) is not a "sleeper". I had been getting up with him several times every night and as a working mom, I was exhausted. I bought Lulladoll out of sheer desperation. While we haven't had any miracles (like instantly sleeping through the night in his crib) we have made improvement! He will now sleep for longer stretches of time before becoming restless and goes back to sleep faster and easier. The best part is he LOVES his "baby night night" and instantly bonded with the doll. I am hoping we continue to make progress as he is definitely comforted by his Lulladoll."

Melissa Lulla doll



"Max is 16 months now and usually wakes twice a night (that's on a good night) to which I need to settle/cuddle him back to sleep. Sometimes that can take an hour or so - he is restless and finds it hard to get back to sleep quickly. Tonight being our first night with Lulla, I saw Max wake, sit up and then lay back down snuggle up and go straight back to sleep - I was amazed as this never happens. You could hear him start to breathe alongside to match with Lulla. He was so peaceful.

His sleep has been atrocious lately and more so since he started daycare wanting that comfort and reassurance when he wakes.

He did wake a second time around 3am to which I gave him a cuddle -Lulla doll with us- no restless movements- he was literally like jelly. So calm and peaceful. Popped him back in his bed and I was in bed within 10 minutes.

So I am entirely grateful and so happy to have found Lulla - so far so good. I know it's only his first night - but it's been the first time in forever that he has been so settled at night."

 Minette Lulla doll 

Minette, Alberton


"The Lulla seems to be helping us settle quicker at night and sleep longer during the day!! It's amazing thus far."


Samantha, Johannesburg


"On Thursday at the MamaMagic, The Baby Expo I bought #HayleyBaby a Lulla Doll to help her sleep as she has been waking up at least 8-10 times a night in the last 2 months because of her teeth (we assume). The only way she would sleep was if she lay on Alviro or myself. Mama and Dada were very tired from all the broken sleep. Last night Hayley slept with Lulla for the 1st time and she slept from 19h00 - 6h35. Thank you Lulla Doll South Africa for this wonderful product. We all managed to have a good night's rest AT LAST."