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How Lulla Doll started

The Lulla doll was designed in Iceland as a sleep companion to give babies and toddlers comfort and a feeling of closeness when their parents need to be away.

“There can be many reasons why parents can't keep their little ones close. There are everyday situations where babies could benefit from an added feeling of closeness, for example for comfort in the car, to help them self-soothe or as a sleeping companion when mom and dad are still awake. There are also more serious reasons like illness and hospitalization of parents and babies. Indeed, the idea of the Lulla doll was born when my friend had her baby girl prematurely and had to leave her alone in the hospital every night for two weeks. That really struck a chord with me and it was then that I decided to bring the Lulla doll to life.”

- Eyrún founder of Roro

Eyrun Lulla doll Founder


How Dudu Baba started

We discovered Lulla Doll when our newborn was two weeks old and our toddler was still sleeping in our bed. My husband was suddenly rushed to hospital with a brain injury and kept in ICU. It was an extremely difficult time and caring for my two children alone at night was especially challenging.

I needed something for my toddler that could replicate the closeness and security of a parent whilst I was up changing and feeding our baby.

After much research, Lulla Doll was exactly the product I was looking for to help both our little ones feel safe and secure and therefore sleep much better.

Thankfully my husband made a full recovery and together we have decided to share Lulla Doll with the parents of South Africa!

We just knew that so many parents, whether experiencing a life emergency or just desperate for a good night’s sleep, would appreciate the wonderful benefits of Lulla!

- Jodie Managing Director Dudu Baba (Pty) Ltd

Dudu Baba Founders